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Our API services are a powerful addition to brand management, personalization, risk analysis, customer service, or your own CRM system. Our text analysis services are indispensable for bridging the gap between free text and structured data processing and play well with other machine learning and data mining tools.

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Smart Content

Text categorization by categories, concepts, entities, and keywords

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Smart Sentiment

Sentiment of whole text, individual entities, and keywords

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Smart Data

Rank, relationships, and inferred concepts

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Smart Learning

Voice recognition tasks and entity types

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Text Analytics API

Text by itself is just data.  The text needs to be organized and structured to become useful. 

Application developers need to use organized structured data for their applications to be effective.  Many companies employ data scientists to organize text into a system of text categorization or taxonomy. In addition, there is a need of experts in Natural Language Processing, data science, machine learning and cloud computing.  The cost of salaries for all these different experts is quite high.

Our text analytics APIs reduce the need to have human experts in multiple disciplines. Our team of top-notch professionals in the areas of machine learning, computational linguistics, systems engineering, and cloud computing, developed quality text intelligent APIs available for use in your applications. We turn text into organized data that is the window into critical business insights. 

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We provide a multitude of concepts and categories with scores thereby enabling you to apply your own processing as you find appropriate: it could be a simple rule-based logic or complex deep-learning algorithm. We provide scoring based on content match, dictionary match, knowledge-graph structure, or current concept popularity. Resources are updated on a daily basis to provide accurate responses changing and real-world content.

Services - Customization


Our customers told us they needed custom dictionaries for their business. We support custom dictionaries and updates to those dictionaries.  Our customers told us they needed domain-specific knowledge, so we customize on domains.  We are flexible and eager to create additional solutions to meet your business needs. 

Services - Data Usage

Data Usage

Data created by Data Ninja Services is your data.  We delete our copy of your data after 18 months.  You can combine our knowledge base with your services and sublicense the results to your customers.  Partnership opportunities are available for further collaboration. 

Data Ninja Services Brief

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Service Features Comparison

Features Smart Content Smart Sentiment Smart Data Smart Learning



Category Hierarchy


Custom Taxonomy such as Google Product Taxonomy


Category Lookup


New Categories added daily

Concept Extraction

Concept Precision

Multiple Concept Recall

Concept Lookup

Related Concepts

Hidden or Inferred Categories

Concept Popularity

Concept Ordering

New Concepts Added Daily

Entity Extraction

Entity Categories

Entity Counts

Entity Locations in Text

Keyword Extraction

Sentiment Polarities of Entities

Sentiment Polarities of Keywords

Custom Sentiment Domains

Custom Entity Specification

Custom Entity Extraction

Task Extraction

Voice Recognition Commands