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What Can Data Ninja Services Do?

The Data Ninja API analyzes text  and detects relevant categories, concepts, entities, and sentiments.  Our most popular use cases include product reviews, social media, news, and documentation text analysis. Our customers provide input and suggestions on additional services based on their business requirements.



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Smart Content

Convert free text into relevant concepts, categories, and entities from news articles, tweets, documents, or any text source.


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Smart Sentiment

To extract subjective information from a given text, the Smart Sentiment service analyzes the text surrounding the extracted entities to return the sentiment polarities as well as the overall sentiment of the free text.


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Smart Data

Using Smart Data with Smart Content, developers can detect topics in text and navigate the categories and concepts from our knowledge graph.


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Smart Learning

Return a list of intents or actions from a short sentence or query such as in an intelligent personal assistant.


How Do Data Ninja Services Work?

Data Ninja Services starts with a robust knowledge base, developed through extensive text mining. The knowledge base is updated constantly with new content, categories, entities, and keywords. Data Ninja Services’ single API compares your free text to our knowledge base and produces vital, structured data to increase the value of any information retrieval application.

Your Data + Our Platform = Your Services

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